Explosion-proof Lighting Fixtures

  • Explosion-proof lighting fixtures suitable for use in Zone 1, and Zone 2 explosive areas. 

  • Explosion-proof lighting fixtures suitable for use in IIA, IIB, and/or IIC group explosive atmosphere. 

  • Available in 1 x 20W, 2 x 20W, 1 x 40W, and 2 x 40W; with and without protective grill.

Cleanroom Lighting Fixtures

CLEAN C-R 4/14W T16 M600 PM

Normal purity luminaire CLEAN CLASSIC 4/14W, for T16 lamps, with high frequency ballast. Sheet steel recessed housing in white, coated finish (resistant to oil vapours, chemical attack, disinfectants and cleaning agents). Special coatings are available for stricter requirements (e.g. in foodstuffs industry and meat & sausage processing). 5-pole connector terminal. Aluminium symmetric reflector in matt finish. Cover made of anodised aluminium section fitted with embedded 3mm PMMA diffuser panel, with twist-lock fastener. Mounted on 4-point attachment using level adjustment kit (please order kit separately). Diffusion film. Specification: Modul: 600; luminaire dimensions: 598 mm x 598 mm x 126 mm, dimensions of ceiling cutout: 577 mm x 577 mm; weight: 5.6 kg. Degree of protection: IP54 (ceiling side: IP20).


Pharmaceutical Machinery

1. Big Dosage Transfusion Liquid Filling Production Line

2. Eye-drop Production Line

3. Cartridge Filling Production Line

4. Injectable Vial Powder Filling Production Line

5. Lyophilized Powder Production Line

6. Oven/ Tunnel Oven

7. Bottle Washing Machine

8. Capping Machine

9. Powder Filling Machine

10. Rubber Stopper Washing Machine

11. Sticker Labelling And Coding Machine

12. Tablet Compression Machine

13. Capsule Filling Machine

14. Blister Packing Machine

15. Tablet Deduster

16. Capsule Polishing Machine

17. RO Plant

18. WFI Plant

19. Lab Equipment

Calibration and Instrumentation

1. Calibration, Test, and Measuring Equipment

2. Gas Monitoring and Detection Equipment

3. Explosion-proof Lighting and Equipment

4. Instrumentation Control Panels

5. Microprocessors

6. Motion Sensors

7. Process Control Equipment

8. PLCs and Touch Screens

9. Software Design and Implementation

Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals

1. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

2. Finished Dosage Forms

3. Nutraceuticals and Probiotics

4. Inactive Pharmaceutical Ingredients

5. Excipients

6. Food Ingredients

7. Industrial and Speciality Chemicals

Power Generation

1. Petrol/ Gasoline Gensets

2. Diesel Gensets

3. Natural Gas Gensets

4. Dual Fuel Gensets

5. Coal Gasifiers

6. Coal Gas Gensets

7. Dual Fuel Conversion Kits

Solar Water Heating Systems

1. Solar Water Heaters - Domestic 

2. Solar Water Heaters - Industrial

Renewable Energy

1. Photovoltaic Systems

2. Wind Turbines

3. Photo-Wind Hybrid Systems

4. Specialty Solar Gel Batteries

5. Off-grid Inverters

6. Solar Charge Controllers

7. Solar Panel Mounting Systems

Irrigation Solutions

1. Solar Submersible Pumps - AC

2. Solar Submersible Pumps - DC

3. Wind Powered Submersible Pumps

4. Windmills

Food and Beverages - Export Only

1. Frozen Foods

2. Dry Foods

3. Fruit Juice Drinks

Miscellanea - Export Only

1. Henna

2. Cotton Linter

3. Marble

4. Chrome Ore

5. Silica Oxide

6. Phosphorous

7. Cement